Baked with Love ♥️🍞

I think my baker is getting fresh with me.

It’s certainly plain for all to see.

His job gets completed beyond and above,

My bread now even reads, “Baked with Love.”

A/N ✏️ – Silly thought that wouldn’t leave as I went to make toast. My new bread had written on its package, “Baked with Love”.

This left me with many questions:

-Who is this mystery baker?

-Was my bread really baked with love?

-What is the proper emotion to feel about someone loving my bread?

-What if it was an off day, and my bread wasn’t made with love?

You know all those important questions 😄

🍞 What’s your favorite type of bread?🍞

(I’m partial to a good multigrain, filled and covered in sunflower seeds)

Copyright © 2018 by A. Parramore™

All rights reserved.


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