Stardust Bakery ✨🍞

Wrote this for the #JustWriteBits November prompt challenge, on Wattpad’s Just Write It page.

As of right now, considering this a one-shot.
[Story has 1200 words exactly]

Hope you enjoy!

Stardate: 4265.32

30 million light years away, on a spiral of the NGC 6744 Galaxy (or Os∆ichi Galaxy to the locals), in the middle of a busy metropolitan, is a bakery nestled on the corner of Kuz∆ and Y∆, a favorite stop for busy people on the planet Os∆.

The Stardust Bakery was well known for their delicious ∆moni bread, and irresistible hot cups of Mog. On holidays, they even served hot cups of Spiced Mog.

Stardust Bakery boasted a wide variety of off-world clientele, being centrally located in the heart of New Os∆ (the main capital of the planet Os∆).

So it came as no surprise when an off-worlder came in as the morning light of a new rotation occurred.

What was surprising, was that unlike most of the off-worlders that the planet of Os∆ entertained, this person was a biped. Walking upright on two legs, was usually a trait that only the Os∆ian people possessed.

Being a quiet morning, the off-worlder had no trouble claiming one of the best tables in the bakery.

Once seated by the window, with a view of the busy world outside, the off-worlder took off the helmet they had worn. A cascade of messy dark curls fell about a pale soft face.

Unnoticed by the off-worlder, the owner of the bakery Eon, (who had been up since the crack of Croognog knows when, baking and prepping for the morning shift), had been quietly observing the strange person that had wandered into his place of business.

Eon had always been a curious Os∆ian. There was something familiar about the off-worlder, and he intended to figure it out.

Eon waved off Salix, his morning shift worker, as the off-worlder came up to order.

Other than a few differences, their people were quite similar, Eon observed.

Where his people had prominent head ridges and long pointed ears, the off-worlder’s head looked strangely smooth and their ears (what he could see under the abnormal dark hair) were quite small. And although different coloration of skin was nothing new to Os∆, the off-worlder’s skin didn’t seem to have the purple undertones that Eon’s people did.

Eon was happy to note another similarity. It appeared that the off-worlder was a female. Besides sharing a similar body structure as Os∆ian females, the off-worlder gave off a decidedly pleasant feminine pheromone.

Eon straightened as she approached. “Welcome to Stardust Bakery. What can I get for you this lovely morning rotation?”

The off-worlder smiled up at Eon, then turned her strange gold-brown eyes toward the bakerys menu.

“Hello. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this place. I just had to come and see if Mog is anything like the morning drink we have back home. Plus with the rumors of how delicious your ∆moni bread and other sweets are, I just couldn’t stay away. So I’ll have a large Mog and a slice of ∆moni please.”

“Good rumors are always appreciated. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come to hear about us?.” Eon asked, while he input her order on his ∆pad.

“Oh, I roomed with an Os∆ian transfer student in my last semester of school. She always talked about this place, how good everything tastes, and how nice the owner and workers are. When I got assigned to New Os∆, I knew Stardust Bakery would be one of the first stops on my list.” The off-worlder smiled as she scanned her currency card to pay for her order.

“What’s the name of your old roommate? And where is home? It would be nice to know how far away people are talking about my bakery.”

“Oh, you’re Eon the owner? Pelia of Yew∆ is her name. She said she came in here everyday after class got out. Um, home is Muron Station II of the Elisich system. But I’m human if that’s what you are wondering.”

At this point, the old busy body Mrs. Kowdun (a regular at Stardust Bakery), looked up with horror from her table near the ordering counter.

“Wait, you’re a human?! I’ve heard awful things about you guys.” Old Mrs. Kowdun weezed out as she got up, ready to depart for her morning obligations.

The human female hunched in defeat, then straightened. Turning toward old Mrs. Kowdun, the human lowered her eyes.

“Honorable elder, I humbly ask for forgiveness for any wrongs my people may have caused you or your family in the past. I am not them, but I do understand if my presence has caused you some grief. If it would help, I can take my order and leave?”

Old Mrs. Kowdun’s eyes widened, then softened as she looked at the human before her. “Oh no no deary…that won’t be necessary. I’m just a old Os∆ian stuck in my ways. Pardon me for my rudeness. You go on and enjoy your morning meal. And if you ever need anything, go to Turachi St. and ask for Mrs. Kowdun.”

Eyes wide, Eon looked from the shocked human standing immobile, to the tiny ancient Os∆ian female leaving his bakery.

Flagging down Salix to run the front, Eon grabbed the humans order, put an arm around the female, and ushered her back to her table by the window to sit down.

Eon sat down, and shook his head. Brushing back his light orchid colored hair from infront of his bright sea green eyes, he smiled at the small female.

“Well this has been an interesting rotation already, and it’s not even midday yet. I’ve never seen someone change Mrs. Kowdun’s opinion so quickly. I am sorry if her words upset you.”

The human looked down as her hands fidgeted on the table. “It’s fine. I knew the type of reception I might receive moving here. My people have not always been the most kind or responsible to the new people we’ve met in the past. I was just so excited to live and work here.”

Eon looked at the sad human, with her strange beauty. He felt an inexplicable urge to comfort her.

Eon slid the cup of Mog toward her. “Come on lovely, drink up and have your ∆moni. When you are finished, I’m going to play host, and show you around New Os∆. Take you to all my favorite places. How does that sound?”

The female smiled as she grabbed her cup, and brought it toward her lips. “Oh wow, that would be wonderful. If it’s not too much trouble? I’m Caia by the way” Caia took a sip of her Mog, and a bite of ∆moni “Oh my…these really are delicious!”

Happy that Caia seemed to be in much better spirits, Eon went and talked to Salix. When he came back, he leaned against his chair, and smiled as Caia finished off her ∆moni and Mog.

Eon held the door open for Caia. Standing close to her, he lightly placed a hand on her upper back. “Alright lovely, let’s go explore.”

Drawn to Eon, Caia beamed as she leaned closer.

Both were quite happy that they had met.

Copyright © 2018- by A. Parramore™

All rights reserved.


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