Missions Complete 🌏💫🌠

Most considered their destination idyllic. In a rusted metal ship, they steered their precious cargo. Swerving past stars, engines set to maximum. Seeking a place, any place, a refuge where they could finally stop. Interior senors flash, a planet approached with potential. Onward they set course, the tired crew filled with hope. Nervous they land, …

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Stardust Bakery ✨🍞

Wrote this for the #JustWriteBits November prompt challenge, on Wattpad's Just Write It page. As of right now, considering this a one-shot. [Story has 1200 words exactly] Hope you enjoy! Stardate: 4265.32 30 million light years away, on a spiral of the NGC 6744 Galaxy (or Os∆ichi Galaxy to the locals), in the middle of …

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