Land of Autumn

Annona, or Ann as she preferred, had led a quiet unassuming life. And she was quite content with it, thank you very much. Her path in life had always seemed to flow where it should. Nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened, for as long as she could recall. Until her path took her …

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Consumed by Moonlight

Your moonlight pierces. Beams of light fly true. My spirit is inflamed. Like a burning lantern, You consume my shadows. I'm haunted by you. I tried to run and hide. But my disguise was of no use. How can you see me without eyes? Is this a trick or a treat? Do I really want …

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Spooky Date (a silly 100 word drabble)

I've decided that dating apps are just not for me. Every date has been such a disappointment. No one is whom they claim to be. Profile pics would show: Tall stitched together men, with bolts protruding from their necks. Or Lean smiling vampires, fangs glinting. And even hairy werewolves, with muscles rippling. Too good to …

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