Stardust Bakery ✨🍞

Wrote this for the #JustWriteBits November prompt challenge, on Wattpad's Just Write It page. As of right now, considering this a one-shot. [Story has 1200 words exactly] Hope you enjoy! Stardate: 4265.32 30 million light years away, on a spiral of the NGC 6744 Galaxy (or Os∆ichi Galaxy to the locals), in the middle of …

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Land of Autumn

Annona, or Ann as she preferred, had led a quiet unassuming life. And she was quite content with it, thank you very much. Her path in life had always seemed to flow where it should. Nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened, for as long as she could recall. Until her path took her …

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Tales of Flora & Darrow – Opposing Enchanters, Ep. 1

Episode 1 - The missing Butterbur "Florence Verbena Marigold! Where is it? I know you have it here somewhere." Said the man as he stepped out of the fireplace, and slapped soot off his cloak. "Go away Darrow, I'm in the middle of something important. I don't have time to entertain you today, especially as …

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