Written Word✏️ vs. Spoken Word📢

'nuf said... Just kidding 😁 Shuffling up the well lit stage, I stood behind the podium. Sweat beaded along my brow as I gripped the edges of the podium. Leaning forwards, I whispered into the microphone. "Um...hi...uh, I'm A. Parramore. I love to write, but hate to speak. That is all." Exhaling, I turn to …

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Spooky Date (a silly 100 word drabble)

I've decided that dating apps are just not for me. Every date has been such a disappointment. No one is whom they claim to be. Profile pics would show: Tall stitched together men, with bolts protruding from their necks. Or Lean smiling vampires, fangs glinting. And even hairy werewolves, with muscles rippling. Too good to …

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